KLapper is a “No-Code” DIY legal virtual assistant builder exclusively designed for law firms. It leverages Microsoft Azure Open AI and Generative AI to enhance its capabilities.

KLapper is designed for Knowledge Management (KM) & Innovations team members within law firms. It empowers them to design, train, and deploy virtual agents across various platforms without needing extensive IT support.

‘No-Code’ in KLapper refers to the ability to create legal virtual assistants without the need for coding or programming skills.

KLapper harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure Open AI and Generative AI to enhance its capabilities. This includes advanced functionalities such as natural language understanding, data analysis, and intelligent response generation.

KLapper is exclusively designed for law firms to meet their specific needs and challenges in legal virtual assistant development. It is tailored to integrate seamlessly with legal workflows and applications.

KLapper uses “Intelligent Connectors” to seamlessly integrate with essential firm applications such as NetDocuments, iManage, Time & Billing systems (Elite, Aderant, Int app), Lexis Nexis, SharePoint, Salesforce, and more. This integration allows KLapper to access valuable data and insights, enhancing its understanding and responsiveness.

Yes, KLapper ensures 100% security and privacy of your firm’s data by being installed within your firm’s Microsoft Azure Tenant.

KLapper revolutionizes how law firms leverage technology by offering a powerful yet user-friendly platform for building intelligent virtual assistants.

KLapper integrates with over 15+ supported channels, including Microsoft SharePoint, Zoom, Teams, Web apps, and Mobile apps. This wide range of integrations ensures flexibility and accessibility across various platforms.
You can reach KLapper by emailing them at [email protected].