Your Virtual Assistant for Intelligent Counsel, Everywhere!

“Your virtual Counsel powered by Generative AI”

Build your own Legal assistant powered by Generative AI (Microsoft Azure Open AI) with KLapper!

Your Personalized Intelligent Counsel in Action!

Empowering Legal Minds: your virtual legal research assistant

Get quick access to relevant information, summarize legal concepts, analyze case law, and offer insights into legal issues.

Litigation Simplified with KLapper!
KLapper serves as a valuable assistant to litigators, offering research support, document drafting, case management, client communication, and legal analysis capabilities, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficient Insights, Legal Precision: Streamlined Document Review with KLapper

Streamline document review and analysis processes, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for legal professionals.

Transforming Legal Operations: Efficiency at Every Step

Enhanced Efficiency in Legal Workflows: Refine Contracts, Automate Processes, and Generate Documents.

Contract Review – Transaction process!
Streamline Transactions Effortlessly: Your Partner in Seamless Legal Work!
KLapper transforms the deal process by quickly accessing contract databases, conducting efficient contract reviews, offering automated analysis, enabling real-time collaboration and revisions, and delivering personalized recommendations. This revolutionizes contract management, ensuring rapid recall, review, analysis, and revisions, thereby expediting deals and satisfying client needs effectively.

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Effortless Billing Support: Navigate Invoices and Payments with Virtual Assistance

Automate time entry and tracking for billable hours. Virtual assistance in billing inquiries by providing information about invoices and payment processes.

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